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Modifying PROPERTY MANAGER Invoice/Statement

NOTE: Save a copy of all modified reports!

The report specification for invoices (Invoices.xml) and statements (statements.xml) are located in the PM20B\Reports folder. This would be where the Musick Provider is installed. Usually on the server. The default path would be:
C:\Program Files\Musick International, Inc\Musick Provider\PM20B\Reports

These report specifications can be modified using VS Report Designer. The VS Report Designer install is located on the Property Manager CD:
<cd drive>\MiManager\VSReporter\VSRpt7setup.exe
<cd drive>\MiManager\VSReporter\VSRpt7.txt file contains installation and password information.

or downloaded from our web site:

View7Setup.exe will install the Report Designer version 7.

VS Report Designer 7.0
Product Key 0732-4C23B4D9

All reports that are modified should have a copy saved to
another folder. A future install of Property Manager will overwrite
the report you modified.

Reports can be made specific to a database. This would
prevent the reports from being overwritten (as they would
be saved in the database directly.) Start the Musick
Manager. Select "Tools" from the menu and then "Control
Pannel". At the bottom of the "Settings" tab check the box
"Enable Database Specific Reports if Available".

Reports are checked out and checked in through the "Database
Toolbox" - "Report Maintenance". After checing out a report, the
report can be modified. The report is located in the "Report-Edit"
folder under the d:\Program Files\Musick International\Musick Manager.

You can either 1) modify the Standard report (path mentioned above) or 2) modify the report and save it to the database.

1) If you modify the standard report, you must be sure to backup the report and restore it after re-install the Property Manager. The standard report will be overwritten by the install. To change the report simply change the report spec (invoice.xml) where the Musick Provider is installed.

2) If you save the new report to the database, the statement will never be overwritten and will be specific to that company. To change a spec that is saved to the database you must do a few additional steps.

     1) Start the Musick Manager and connect to the company database.
     2) From the "Database Toolbox" menu select "Report Maintenance"
     3) For the "Report Type" select "Program Reports"
     4) For the "Product" select "Property Manager"
     5) Highlight the Invoices.xml and Statements.xml and Click the "Check Out" button.
     6) A copy of the respective report will be saved to the
                C:\Program Files\Musick International, Inc\Musick Manager\Report-Edit
                                      folder on this workstation.
     7) Edit the report as necessary. It may be easier to modify the report on the server and then copy it here to save to the database.
     8) From the "Report Maintenance" screen highlight the report to save and click the "CheckIn" button.
     9) Test the invoice and/or statement that was modified.

Thank you for selecting the PROPERTY MANAGER. If we can be of assistance, please contact us at 719-395-4171 or or .

Thank You for evaluating the PROPERTY MANAGER.